“One in a million attorney; once in a lifetime individual.”

“Her knowledge, expertise, and professionalism saved my life.”

I chose Sei-Hee after reading all these positive reviews and they were right! I thought my case was hopeless after a relatively good performance on the field sobriety tests but over a 0.08 BAC on the breathalyzer. I had zero experience with the law or how to choose a lawyer but after reading every single review for her and multiple other lawyers, it seemed like she would give me the best chance. More importantly, she was the only lawyer I met with who read my all papers in depth and gave me real advice about my individual case. I still remember her saying “I feel good about this case” and describing a similar case that she won, which gave me hope from my first meeting with her instead of the vague “we’ll see what we can do when we get more details” approach like every other lawyer. I went through 6 months of hell until my trial, thinking my life and career were over because I would get a PBJ no matter what since I agreed to the breathalyzer. However, we got a good judge and she was able to get a NOT GUILTY verdict for me for all DWI/DUI charges and helped me get them expunged immediately afterward!! I ended up only paying for the traffic ticket. I was truly shocked and overjoyed by this outcome. Getting arrested for a DUI a horrific situation to be in and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but if you are reading this just choose her!

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