“One in a million attorney; once in a lifetime individual.”

“Her knowledge, expertise, and professionalism saved my life.”

It was the day before thanksgiving and I was on my way home from a friend’s high school reunion and I get pulled over and blow a 0.18, well above the legal limit. Shortly after being released I found Ms. Arii through some online researching. She was very understanding and helped ease my anxiety. Her pricing was also not astronomical as other firms were trying to charge me. Luckily I recorded my altercation on my phone and Ms. Arii did a thorough job in comparing my recording to what the police officer wrote on his report and developed a defense, even if it was a weak one. I felt she was doing everything she could for me to beat this. Long story short, I received the least severe charge, got a PBJ (this did not go on my record as having received a DUI) and 6 months probation.

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