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DUI Case

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Sei-Hee Arii took care of things right from the start. I didn’t have to worry much about anything as she answered my paranoid questions quickly and efficiently. Told me what’s at sake and what my options are so I could make an informed decision. She was able to work her magic and reduce my DUI to a DWI which is the lesser of the two. I’m happy with my outcome.

Very professional

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Ms. Arii was extremely personable and professional. Whenever I contacted her, [the] response was timely. Her confidence made me satisfied that we’d win, and we did.

DUI/DWI case in Maryland

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Sei-Hee Arii will work hard for you. I was very overwhelmed with my DUI/DWI charges against me. I didn’t know where to start, I never been in trouble with the law before, but the stacks were against me. When you get charges like I did, you will get a ton of mail from law offices. I went to three lawyers, my case was hard to prove, and I felt all three couldn’t represent me the way I needed them to. Again, I was very overwhelmed, so I started to look online to do my own research. I came across Sei-Hee Arii’s page. I read her profile and reviews, and I was impressed. My case was tricky, and I was apprehensive about calling, thinking I may run into the same type of lawyer. Boy was I wrong! When I got the nerve to call, she was actually in the office and I was immediately transferred to her. Sei-Hee asked me to explain my case, and I did. I was soo upset about what happened, I couldn’t even explain my whole story without crying. She had a way of calming my nerves over the phone and ask me to come in to consult with her. I did. When I arrived, I didn’t have to wait long, the receptionist was polite and the office environment wasn’t cold. When I met Sei-Hee Arii in person, she was polite and professional. Her wall displays her achievements and honors, I was impressed. We spoke about my incident and she said something to me at the end that changed everything…that she believed me! Yes, she was willing to take on my case despite the odds against me! Sei-Hee didn’t want me to take the guilty plea. She had my best interest in mind. Yes, she will fight for the underdog! She fought for me and my legal rights. We was in and out of court for almost a year, or very close to a year. That’s how long it took and how hard she fought. Even outside the courtrooms, she never stopped working. She was always consistent with following up my case. Thanks to her determination and because she is a very good lawyer, my charges was reduced! No DUI/DWI record! Like I said before, the stacks where high against me. My livelihood was in jeopardy. If those charges stuck, I would have been in a very bad place. She proved my case and now I have my life back! I wouldn’t want anyone else to represent me but her! Sei-Hee loves what she does and it shows! If anyone needs a good, no GREAT LAWYER! Please, please contact her! You will not regret it! I can go on and on about Sei-Hee!!! I just want to say Thank You Sei-Hee for believing in me and fighting my case to the very end!!!

Luckiest decision of my life

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Due to my own procrastination, I reached out to C. Sie-Hee Arii on a wednesday when my court appearance was that monday. I was arrested for a dui (.15 bac) and about 7 consequent charges which added up to almost $2k in fines. Immediately I felt as if I was putting my case into the proper hands. After going through my original arrest paperwork she found mistakes made by the officer which would help our case. Ultimately all charges we dropped and are going to be expunged. This is better than best case scenario in my opinion and I feel extremely lucky/blessed to find a great attorney at a affordable rate.

Super great thanks to her professionality our case was dismissed

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Was really clear about our case and the process and our options. On the day of our court trial we took her advice and was patient and waited and like she said it would all go it did thanks to her professionality and experience our case was dismissed. Would definitely recommend her to everyone.

Positive reviews definitely warranted

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Ms. Sei-Hee Arii recently represented me for a DUI case in which I was very pleased with the outcome. During consultation she was very honest with me about my possible consequences, from worst to best, with it being my 2nd alcohol related offense. She advised me on programs to attend before my court date that could lead to a more favorable sentencing in front of the judge. She represented me professionally and positively in the court room and was able to get me a very favorable outcome in comparison to the possible consequences. She did not stop there as she also helped to reduce the traffic citations that came with the DUI when she did not have to. Not only that, but was very reasonable and understanding as far as making payments for her hiring. It was clear that Ms. Arii wants the best for her clients. I highly recommend her as an attorney and thankful for her representation.

DUI Case

Star Rating: 5 of 5

This was my first time in any kind of situation involving me going to court. Sei-Hee was able to put me at ease about the whole thing. She is knowledge, aggressive, timely, and responsive. I really appreciate hard work and dedication. She was able to get my case dismiss and I’m extremely grateful. I would recommend her to anyone.

Jennifer H.

Star Rating: 5 of 5

My experience with this firm was amazing! C. Sei-Hee Arii was very professional, at the same time easing my anxiety about the case. I would highly recommend using this law firm. You will feel confident knowing the lawyer representing you cares about your case and will do everything possible to get you the best result.


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I was charged with a DUI in late 2014. I’ve never had any run-ins with the law before and didn’t know where to even start looking for a lawyer to handle my case. I talked to a number of DUI lawyers and ended up choosing Sei-Hee, a decision I’m so glad I made. I wanted Sei-Hee to represent me because she showed genuine interest in my case, whereas I felt like “just another routine DUI case” when I reached out to other lawyers and firms. Sei-Hee is a very understanding person, super responsive, and knows the MoCo court system well. She kept me informed throughout the process and was very helpful in accommodating my schedule and the fact I reside and work in NYC. Additionally, she did her due diligence to look beyond the just the surface of what happened to get the full story. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an excellent DUI lawyer in MoCo.

Very Good

Star Rating: 4 of 5

Facing a judge after blowing a .019 and reckless driving isn’t the easiest, but with Sei-Hee Arii by my side I was confident. She fought to get me the best outcome possible, which for me was a PBJ, 8 hrs of community service & to attend a [MADD] class. This was my first offense, but the courtroom did not want to take it easy on me by any means. Sei-Hee did everything in her power to help me with this case, including offering to go to trial if that’s what needed to be done. She definitely knows what she’s doing & she stood out in the courtroom compared to the other attorneys when it came to being [knowledgeable] about the law.

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