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Top lawyer

Star Rating: 5 of 5

I chose Ms. Arii based on reviews I found online and a hunch I had that she would be a great lawyer. I was not let down in any way – infact, I was impressed with Ms. Arii’s passion to serve and serve well. Ms. Arii displayed excellent morals and provided a support that rivaled my own family, all while defending my rights and explaining the law every step of the way. I always felt comfortable and well represented with Sei-Hee as my lawyer. She made herself available to my needs and concerns any time of the day, always communicating within a timely manner. I would [recommend], and have recommended, Sei-Hee Arii to everyone in need of representation. Thank you Sei-Hee! Your representation provided me a second chance in life. Your council provided me a much needed support.

My [experience] using C. Sei- Hee Arii

Star Rating: 5 of 5

She was very professional and had a good demeanor during the entire process. She is in good standing with the public servants and courtroom professionals. I’m glad I used her and was pleased with the outcome of my case. I would certainly use her again if needed.

Very Good

Star Rating: 4 of 5

Facing a judge after blowing a .019 and reckless driving isn’t the easiest, but with Sei-Hee Arii by my side I was confident. She fought to get me the best outcome possible, which for me was a PBJ, 8 hrs of community service & to attend a [MADD] class. This was my first offense, but the courtroom did not want to take it easy on me by any means. Sei-Hee did everything in her power to help me with this case, including offering to go to trial if that’s what needed to be done. She definitely knows what she’s doing & she stood out in the courtroom compared to the other attorneys when it came to being [knowledgeable] about the law.

Sei-Hee Arii: one in a million attorney; once in a lifetime individual

Star Rating: 5 of 5

Sei-Hee Arii is the most professional, knowledgable and compassionate attorney I have ever hired. She was by my side every step of the way to ensure that I received the best outcome. Never did I feel judged or condemned for my wrong doing. She believed in me more than I did myself. She will be the attorney that I turn to for any and everything I need. I would highly recommend Sei-Hee for any and all of her areas of expertise. She is a one and a million attorney and a once in a lifetime individual.

Highly trustworthy for tight situations.

Star Rating: 5 of 5

Top notch. Very insightful. Extremely thorough. Upfront and honest. Understands modern surveillance technology extremely well. Helped me in a case where Private Investigator’s video evidence was screaming against me. There was no way out. And then Sei-Hee came in. She dug into the video, frame by frame, gathered other evidence where other party was lying and proved my innocence. Definitely the person to have in your corner. And I forgot to mention: very affordable.

Most professional lawyer in the DMV

Star Rating: 5 of 5

In Court today, C. Sei-Hee Arii was successful in obtaining unsupervised probation before judgment for the reduced charge of Driving While Impaired by Alcohol despite my breath test result being more than 2x the legal limit exactly 0.20.

Fight your DUI don’t plead out

Star Rating: 5 of 5

I received a DUI and reached out to two DUI [attorneys]. Attorney #1 simply told me to take the ticket to the DMV, get your restrictive license and contact a breathalyzer company to get one installed, in your vehicle. So, by the time we get to court we will be ahead of the game. Then I reach out to Arii Law Firm (Sei-Hee Arii), She asked me about the event leading up to the DUI Tickets. She simply said “Don’t worry about it, I will do my best to win your case”, so I hired her. We went to DMV court and the outcome was a dismissal, no breathalyzer on the vehicle. For me, the scariest part of my ordeal was going to Upper Marlboro seeing the arresting officers in court. On that day, you could not have told me, an hour later, I would walked out the courtroom charges dismissed. Thank you, Arii Law Firm, for your high-quality defense in my case. To potential Clients of Arii Law Firm: If [you’re] pissed off about the ticket, go with Sei-Hee and avoid Attorney #1.


Star Rating: 5 of 5

I was charged with DUI, DUI per se, DWI, and failure to control vehicle speed on highway to avoid collision. Sei-Hee found holes in my case and was willing to fight it but I just wanted to get it over with. On the day of trial, Sei-Hee was able to get me the best outcome out of everyone else in court facing similar charges, unsupervised PBJ for the DWI and the rest of the charges dropped. She is very professional and candid which is why I chose her over other attorneys. Highly recommended.

Her representation gave me peace of mind

Star Rating: 5 of 5

C. Sei-Hee Arii represented me in a difficult traffic appeal case with the outcome winning my appeal. Very thorough and professional throughout the course of my appeal, she was able to negotiate with the Judge and the States Attorney in way that presented the facts in their true merit. I have no reservations in recommending C. Sei-Hee Arii to anyone who may need a great attorney and will [definitely] hire her for any legal matters I may have in the future.

Ms. Arii is a fantastic attorney and has my highest praise

Star Rating: 5 of 5

Ms. Arii is nothing short of a miracle worker. I came to her facing what could have ended up being substantial jail time and somehow kept me from serving a single day. She is smart, competent, and always has a plan. I trusted her completely and always felt optimistic with her on my side. She always gave me multiple plans and always came to me honestly and candidly. No amount of money is worth your freedom, and to me that’s why she is priceless.

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