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Brilliant Lawyer!

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Sei-hee was my lawyer for two separate incidents and won both. She's a very knowledgeable, resourceful, patient, and an awesome person. She answered my questions in a timely manner, and guided me through what I needed to do. I highly recommend her and I was extremely lucky to have found her.

A Dedicated Professional

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Ms. Sei-Hee Arii represented a friend of mine on a criminal matter several years ago. There was no doubt as to my friend’s guilt but she handled the case skillfully and with sensitivity and understanding. She kept us informed at each step of the legal process and what subsequent actions my friend would have to take to have his record expunged. We were very pleased with her thoroughness. The results of the trial were much better than my friend and I had hoped for and we were extremely pleased with her professionalism. In fact, I found myself regretting that I had not gone into law myself. We are all grateful for her help. She is a dedicated professional and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of legal representation.

Terrific attorney in the DC/Maryland area

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When I was arrested for marijuana possession this past April in Washington, DC (on a weekend visit from out-of-state) I was worried about my future; I didn't know what this could mean for my career or even my freedom because of Washington's strict marijuana laws, but after hiring Ms. Arii my fears immediately subsided. She was very attentive and assured me that she would do all she could to make sure my case would be handled well. I was facing a max of 6 months in prison for my offense. I was very pleased with Ms. Arii's work after she cut a deal with the prosecutor which not only had me avoiding jail time AND probation (I was only given community service, which I was able to serve in my home state), but I was also able to avoid attending my final court appearance since I was out-of-state. In all my dealings with Ms. Arii she was informative, organized, and cared about my case as if she were the one facing the prison sentence. On top of all that, her fee was very reasonable and much less than I initially feared my lawyer fees would cost.

Very Good

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Facing a judge after blowing a .019 and reckless driving isn't the easiest, but with Sei-Hee Arii by my side I was confident. She fought to get me the best outcome possible, which for me was a PBJ, 8 hrs of community service & to attend a [MADD] class. This was my first offense, but the courtroom did not want to take it easy on me by any means. Sei-Hee did everything in her power to help me with this case, including offering to go to trial if that's what needed to be done. She definitely knows what she's doing & she stood out in the courtroom compared to the other attorneys when it came to being [knowledgeable] about the law.

Excellent lawyer

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Sei-Hee is an excellent lawyer who is second to none. She handled my case in a professional manner. She told me what to expect and assured me of her help with my traffic violation related charges. She was very brief and clear when she represented me during my court hearing. She presented the case to the judge in a clear manner and convinced the judge that charges me does not deserve a harsh punishment and that I should be given a second chance to prove that I am a good law abiding person. The judge accepted her argument and I got out of trouble. Therefore I highly recommend her for any traffic related violations because she has what it takes to get you out of trouble once you follow her Counsel before court hearing. She also understands circumstances and gives good recommendations. You will never regret her services.

Competent and Caring Representation

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After a very frightening arrest for DUI, I entered my information into a search engine for attorneys. Ms. Arii contacted me within hours. She was knowledgeable and kind, and patiently explained my circumstances and options. She was able to secure PBJ with unsupervised probation, as it was my first and only offense. Her price is lower than many other attorneys and her level of service and expertise are outstanding.

You're in GREAT hands with Sei-Hee!

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Hiring Sei-Hee could be the difference between your case getting dismissed or not. That was my experience. In my DUI case I mentioned early on that the officer was using dash cam and asked that we recover the footage. Sei-Hee requested the footage and when my court date came, we hadn't received anything. She made sure that the judge set a deadline for when the prosecution had to present that information and then filed immediately for the case to be dismissed the very next day after the footage wasn't delivered. On my next court date, the (different) judge dismissed my case in it's entirely. If I would have had an attorney who didn't make a point to get the other side to commit to a date or didn't follow up immediately to file the paperwork when it didn't arrive, I would probably have had a different outcome. Sei-Hee knows what she's doing and will do what it takes to win the case. Follow her instructions exactly and you're in good hands.

Saved my career -- Not Guilty!

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I chose Sei-Hee after reading all these positive reviews and they were right! I thought my case was hopeless after a relatively good performance on the field sobriety tests but over a 0.08 BAC on the breathalyzer. I had zero experience with the law or how to choose a lawyer but after reading every single review for her and multiple other lawyers, it seemed like she would give me the best chance. More importantly, she was the only lawyer I met with who read my all papers in depth and gave me real advice about my individual case. I still remember her saying "I feel good about this case" and describing a similar case that she won, which gave me hope from my first meeting with her instead of the vague "we'll see what we can do when we get more details" approach like every other lawyer. I went through 6 months of hell until my trial, thinking my life and career were over because I would get a PBJ no matter what since I agreed to the breathalyzer. However, we got a good judge and she was able to get a NOT GUILTY verdict for me for all DWI/DUI charges and helped me get them expunged immediately afterward!! I ended up only paying for the traffic ticket. I was truly shocked and overjoyed by this outcome. Getting arrested for a DUI a horrific situation to be in and I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but if you are reading this just choose her!

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I had a dui conviction in another state 11 months ago. My hearing papers were mailed to my old address. My license was suspended. Ari was able to get my license reinstated until my hearing as well as get me a new hearing date. This saved my job. In the end I was given a restricted license. She is one of the best and will fight for you, and 95% of the time gets the most lenient disposition. She was worth every penny. I strongly would prefer as the lawyer to see and retain. Thanks again!
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Sei-Hee Arii took care of things right from the start. I didn’t have to worry much about anything…

[Sei-Hee Arii] is worth every single penny and I would highly recommend her.

[Sei-Hee Arii] showed that she cared not only professionally but she cared about my wife as a person…

Miss Arii was very helpful with my court case, saving me astronomical amounts of money. She knew how to handle the situation with proficiency and great professionalism.

[Sei-Hee Arii] always responded to my request and gave competitive prices for her work. In the courtroom, she clearly had done her homework and won the case.

[Sei-Hee Arii] is knowledgeable, aggressive, timely, and responsive. I really appreciate hard work and dedication.

[Sei-Hee Arii] was very professional, very helpful, explained everything with detail, very patient and responded within a reasonable amount of time.

I can confidently say that Ms. Arii met or exceeded every high expectation that I had.

Sei-Hee is extremely competent and is willing to work with you.

[Sei-Hee Arii’s] not all talk, this attorney takes action.

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