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If you request a hearing, the MVA, through documentary evidence (usually your driving record, pink form advising of your rights with respect to the breath test, and the breath test results) must prove to the administrative law judge the following elements:

  1. There was reasonable grounds to believe that you were driving or attempting to drive while under the influence of alcohol.
  2. There is evidence of the use of alcohol.
  3. You were advised of your rights to submit or not submit to the breath test at the police station.
  4. That you were requested to take the breath test.
  5. You drove with 0.08 or above OR refused to take the test.

CONTACT MS. ARII to discuss whether the MVA can prove the above listed elements.

An experienced attorney can help you develop factual and legal defenses to the DUI/DWI charges and place the burden on the state prosecutors to prove their case against you beyond a reasonable doubt.  Find out how Ms. Arii can help you resolve your DUI, save your license, and secure your job and future without charge or obligation:  CLICK HERE TO CONTACT MS. ARII.

C. Sei-Hee Arii has been defending DUI/DWI charges since 2001.  She is a passionate DUI/DWI attorney committed to keeping abreast of DUI/DWI technology and changes in DUI/DWI law affecting her clients.  For example, since 1981, law enforcement officers began using the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST) at the roadside to help determine whether motorists who are suspected of DWI have blood alcohol concentrations greater than the legal limit.  Law enforcement officers receive training enabling them to perform DWI detection and SFTS.  To level the field in court, C. Sei-Hee Arii received instruction similar to the police NHTSA/IACP Standardized Field Sobriety Test training using the most current training curriculum. In addition, she regularly attends DUI/DWI related courses, such as “Mastering Scientific Evidence in DWI/DUI Cases,” to further her DWI/DUI knowledge base. This commitment to DUI/DWI education enables her to be more effective at challenging the validity of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests and breath test devices and their reliability in court which ultimately benefits her clients.  If you or someone you know have been arrested for a DUI/DWI please contact C. Sei-Hee Arii for a free consultation.

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