“One in a million attorney; once in a lifetime individual.”

“Her knowledge, expertise, and professionalism saved my life.”

When I got my 1st DUI, I was worried. I did not know what to expect since I never got into the wrong side of the law. I knew I had to get a good lawyer to help me fight it in court. I decided to call Sei-Hee Arii and she gave me an appointment to go to her office. I saw down and she took notes while she was asking questions and explaining the whole process. This itself made me calmed and relaxed knowing she will do whatever it takes to fight on my behalf in court. She understood I was a student and gave me a great deal! To make a long story short, i did everything she asked me to do and she was able to convince the Judge to reduce my charges to DWI and best of all, my record was cleared! The money I spent was worth it. If [you’re] looking for the best DUI lawyer in Maryland then call Sei-Hee Arii. She is good [at] what she does and I guarantee you she will do whatever it takes for you to get a better trial. Thank you so much!

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