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Focusing on First Offense DUI/DWI

I help good people through bad situations.
20+ Yrs of Experience Matters.

“One in a million attorney; once in a lifetime individual.”

“Her knowledge, expertise, and professionalism saved my life.”

Don’t Plead Guilty to Charges. Do not make the error of thinking you will automatically be convicted. See how I can help you.

Getting arrested is one of the most traumatizing and scary things that could happen to you. As a result, I may be meeting you as you are experiencing one of the worst times in your life. My first goal is to assure you that it is not as bad as it seems. There are solutions. I will make it my job to thoroughly understand your specific situation and tailor a resolution to your exact needs. My approach is to clearly explain all of the possible outcomes. After determining the best strategy, I will prepare you for your day in court step by step.  
Aside from dealing with the legal challenges, I consider it part of my job to ease your worries. It is important to me to hear all of your concerns. It is also important to me to offer you competitive rates. I believe everyone, has the right to a robust legal defense. I have an excellent track record of getting charges dismissed or  reduced to a lesser charge.   
More than anything, I want you to get the help that you need. Sometimes bad things happen to good people.  When they do, I will be there to help.

Because the stakes are so high, it is important to work with someone with experience and a proven track record. I have over 20 years experience in DUI/DWI defense. I have been included in both the Maryland and DC Super Lawyer’s list since 2010, an honor given to the top 5% of attorneys in the area. From 2017 to 2024 I was one of 14 lawyers listed in the published Maryland Super Lawyer’s magazine under their category for DUI/DWI Defense Attorneys.

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  • I will treat you like the individual that you are.
  • I will work to protect your best interest.
  • I will provide effective strategies for positive results.
  • I will fight for you.

You deserve exceptional representation without breaking the bank, especially when you're worried about the next steps to secure your driving privileges and experiencing anxiety about the future. That's why I have tailored flexible payment plans to ensure my services are accessible to everyone. My commitment to providing top-notch legal services is the foundation of my practice.

When you choose me to represent you, you can trust that I will personally handle your case from beginning to end, offering the dedicated and experienced representation you need. Let me take care of you throughout this process and guide you towards a successful outcome.

Contact me today to schedule your free consultation. Let's get to work! - (240) 621-0007.

Common Penalties

Jail or Prison Time

License Suspension

License Revocation

Ignition Interlock Device

Court Fees & Fines

Alcohol Treatment

MADD Victim Impact Panel

Community Service


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