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An outstanding attorney.

Star Rating: 5 of 5

Sei-Hee provided the best representation at the time when my son incurred repeated DUI violations. Not only was she a strong advocate for her client; she also was very [compassionate] and caring, a rare quality that allowed me to remain sane when hope was low. Because she was tenacious and persuasive she was able to influence my son to seek rehabilitation when he was not listening. In the courtroom, she was absolutely brilliant and had the knowledge and skill to get the charges [dismissed].

Jennifer H.

Star Rating: 5 of 5

My experience with this firm was amazing! C. Sei-Hee Arii was very professional, at the same time easing my anxiety about the case. I would highly recommend using this law firm. You will feel confident knowing the lawyer representing you cares about your case and will do everything possible to get you the best result.

Professional, Empathetic, and a true hope to a hopeless situation

Star Rating: 5 of 5

C. Sei-Hee Arii was truly a godsend. I was facing my second DUI in 9 years. As a single mom, my panic was off the charts. Sei-Hee was a rock during the storm. She had a plan and she gave it to me straight. Yes, I was facing jail time but because of a combination of Ms. Arii’s expert legal knowledge and direction I never saw the inside of a cell. Trust me, she’s who to turn to and she cares. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of work went in to giving her something to go on but if you’re willing to fight, so is she. In a desperate situation I was given hope and a future. Thank you Sei-Hee.

First DUI

Star Rating: 5 of 5

It was the day before thanksgiving and I was on my way home from a friend’s high school reunion and I get pulled over and blow a 0.18, well above the legal limit. Shortly after being released I found Ms. Arii through some online researching. She was very understanding and helped ease my anxiety. Her pricing was also not astronomical as other firms were trying to charge me. Luckily I recorded my altercation on my phone and Ms. Arii did a thorough job in comparing my recording to what the police officer wrote on his report and developed a defense, even if it was a weak one. I felt she was doing everything she could for me to beat this. Long story short, I received the least severe charge, got a PBJ (this did not go on my record as having received a DUI) and 6 months probation.

More than thankful

Star Rating: 5 of 5

C. Sei-Hee Arii took a chance taking my case the weekend before my court date. Not only did she treat my case like she had months to prepare, she was also very graceful as she spoke with the states attorney. She courteously explained everything that was happening very promptly so I was completely sure of any decisions I would have to make. All in all I was more than please with the great care Ms. Arii took of me and my case. I would recommend her 11 out of 10 times!

Ms. Arii is a fantastic attorney and has my highest praise

Star Rating: 5 of 5

Ms. Arii is nothing short of a miracle worker. I came to her facing what could have ended up being substantial jail time and somehow kept me from serving a single day. She is smart, competent, and always has a plan. I trusted her completely and always felt optimistic with her on my side. She always gave me multiple plans and always came to me honestly and candidly. No amount of money is worth your freedom, and to me that’s why she is priceless.

Competent and Caring Representation

Star Rating: 5 of 5

After a very frightening arrest for DUI, I entered my information into a search engine for attorneys. Ms. Arii contacted me within hours. She was knowledgeable and kind, and patiently explained my circumstances and options. She was able to secure PBJ with unsupervised probation, as it was my first and only offense. Her price is lower than many other attorneys and her level of service and expertise are outstanding.

Fight your DUI don’t plead out

Star Rating: 5 of 5

I received a DUI and reached out to two DUI [attorneys]. Attorney #1 simply told me to take the ticket to the DMV, get your restrictive license and contact a breathalyzer company to get one installed, in your vehicle. So, by the time we get to court we will be ahead of the game. Then I reach out to Arii Law Firm (Sei-Hee Arii), She asked me about the event leading up to the DUI Tickets. She simply said “Don’t worry about it, I will do my best to win your case”, so I hired her. We went to DMV court and the outcome was a dismissal, no breathalyzer on the vehicle. For me, the scariest part of my ordeal was going to Upper Marlboro seeing the arresting officers in court. On that day, you could not have told me, an hour later, I would walked out the courtroom charges dismissed. Thank you, Arii Law Firm, for your high-quality defense in my case. To potential Clients of Arii Law Firm: If [you’re] pissed off about the ticket, go with Sei-Hee and avoid Attorney #1.

Thorough and proactive

Star Rating: 5 of 5

I was referred to Ms. Arii by a friend. I am very pleased. She was highly professional, and her recommendations in preparation for my case were helpful and proactive. In court, she was punctual and thorough in her approach. As a bonus, the outcome of the case was successful. I would highly recommend Ms. Arii.

Excellent client notification and professionalism!

Star Rating: 5 of 5

Miss Arii was very helpful with my court case, saving me astronomical amounts of money. She knew how to handle the situation with proficiency and great professionalism. I would highly recommend her to anyone in the future. The only 4 star is only because I had to ask what was happening with the case once and the only reason I wasn’t immediately informed was because she hadn’t received discovery of the case yet. This is through no fault of her own.

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