“One in a million attorney; once in a lifetime individual.”

“Her knowledge, expertise, and professionalism saved my life.”

Ms. Sei-Hee Arii was personable and took care to learn about my situation. She was helpful from the initial consultation all the way to the end of the case. She made me aware of the worst case scenarios as well as best case scenarios. She helped me to be prepared for my court date and let me know what I needed to do to achieve a favorable verdict. Fortunately, with a little patience we were able to score the most desirable outcome. Overall, she is well informed in the law and also with the court system (judges, prosecutors etc) in Maryland which proved be beneficial in my case. She was also helpful after the court date in making sure that I was able to follow through on getting certain charges stricken from my record. I would strongly recommend giving her a call!

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