“One in a million attorney; once in a lifetime individual.”

“Her knowledge, expertise, and professionalism saved my life.”

Sei-Hee Arii will work hard for you. I was very overwhelmed with my DUI/DWI charges against me. I didn’t know where to start, I never been in trouble with the law before, but the stacks were against me. When you get charges like I did, you will get a ton of mail from law offices. I went to three lawyers, my case was hard to prove, and I felt all three couldn’t represent me the way I needed them to. Again, I was very overwhelmed, so I started to look online to do my own research. I came across Sei-Hee Arii’s page. I read her profile and reviews, and I was impressed. My case was tricky, and I was apprehensive about calling, thinking I may run into the same type of lawyer. Boy was I wrong! When I got the nerve to call, she was actually in the office and I was immediately transferred to her. Sei-Hee asked me to explain my case, and I did. I was soo upset about what happened, I couldn’t even explain my whole story without crying. She had a way of calming my nerves over the phone and ask me to come in to consult with her. I did. When I arrived, I didn’t have to wait long, the receptionist was polite and the office environment wasn’t cold. When I met Sei-Hee Arii in person, she was polite and professional. Her wall displays her achievements and honors, I was impressed. We spoke about my incident and she said something to me at the end that changed everything…that she believed me! Yes, she was willing to take on my case despite the odds against me! Sei-Hee didn’t want me to take the guilty plea. She had my best interest in mind. Yes, she will fight for the underdog! She fought for me and my legal rights. We was in and out of court for almost a year, or very close to a year. That’s how long it took and how hard she fought. Even outside the courtrooms, she never stopped working. She was always consistent with following up my case. Thanks to her determination and because she is a very good lawyer, my charges was reduced! No DUI/DWI record! Like I said before, the stacks where high against me. My livelihood was in jeopardy. If those charges stuck, I would have been in a very bad place. She proved my case and now I have my life back! I wouldn’t want anyone else to represent me but her! Sei-Hee loves what she does and it shows! If anyone needs a good, no GREAT LAWYER! Please, please contact her! You will not regret it! I can go on and on about Sei-Hee!!! I just want to say Thank You Sei-Hee for believing in me and fighting my case to the very end!!!

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